Apex 396 Peptide Synthesizer
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Apex 396 Peptide Synthesizer from AAPPTec

AAPPTec peptide synthesizers are available in different styles and capacities to fulfill your peptide production requirements. Please click here to view the Apex 396 brochure.

Apex Peptide Synthesizer

Multiple Peptide Synthesizer

The Apex 396 is the preeminent peptide synthesizer for preparing multiple peptides at the same time. The fully automated Apex 396 peptide synthesizer can prepare a single peptide, several peptides or even up to 96 peptides at once. The Apex 396 peptide synthesizer utilizes interchangable reactor assemblies in a range of reactor volumes for larger scale synthesis, or the same peptide can be prepared simultaneously in multiple reactors. The Apex 396 peptide synthesizer consistently produces uniform, high quality peptides, from reactor to reactor and run to run.

Parallel Synthesis Peptide Synthesizer

The Apex 396 is the ideal peptide synthesizer for preparing peptide sets for SAR studies and lead development. The Apex 396 peptide synthesizer can prepare all of the peptides for a complete alanine scan at one time, or it can prepare sets of peptides in which one or two residues are varied to optimize activity. The Apex 396 peptide synthesizer can utilize standard or unusual amino acids, L or D isomers and building blocks such as pseudoproline dipeptides and isoacyl dipeptides for enhanced peptide synthesis. The Apex 396 peptide synthesizer utilizes common coupling reagents such as HBTU, HATU, PyBOP and DIC/HOBt, as well as newer reagents such as COMU.

Peptide Library Synthesis Synthesizer

The Apex 396 peptide synthesizer excels in preparing peptide libraries for epitope mapping or SAR studies. The Apex 396 peptide synthesizer can easily prepare deletion libraries to determine the minimum active peptide sequence. The Apex 396 peptide synthesizer has the flexibility to readily prepare libraries with deletions from the N-terminus, the C-terminus, the middle of the peptide sequence or any combination of deletion patterns. The Apex 396 peptide synthesizer is equally adept in producing peptide libraries for epitope mapping. With the Apex 396 peptide synthesizer, the length of the peptide maps and the amount of overlap can be adjusted for optimum results. Since the Apex 396 peptide synthesizer can prepare up to 96 peptides simultaneously, complete epitope maps can be prepared rapidly.


A variety of optional racks and reagent containers allow users to customize the Apex 396 peptide synthesizer for their synthesis requirements. AAPPTec can also design and manufacture custom containers, racks and reactor assemblies for the Apex 396 peptide synthesizer.


Apex 396 Peptide synthesizer option: 800ml reagent bottle Apex peptide synthesizer 5X6 rack
800 ml Reagent Bottle 5x6 Amino Acid/Reagent Rack
Apex 396 Peptide Synthesizer Apex 396 Peptide Synthesizer

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